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                Welcome to S & J Technical and Commercial Affairs Co., Ltd., a leading professional technical services corporation committed to client satisfaction in China. Our provision of value-added services fundamental ensures complete and cost effective execution of clients’ projects (CCC, NAL, SRRC, MEPS, JIS, JAS, PSE certification and, PSC, etc.).

                Virtually, more than hundreds of companies, as well as leading international corporations, benefit from S & J’s high quality service to obtain global certifications since 1995.
                Clients rely on S & J:

                1. High quality specialist services, ensuring manufactures achieve their global certification
                2. Benefits from S & J’s expertise for their product approval through the value added approach of ongoing structure rectification, test analysis and document preparation by experts
                3. To better understand the international standards & regulations for their products
                4. Consistent timely and cost-effective services provided by well qualified multi-lingual technical specialists

                S & J’s specialist knowledge can also help overseas clients to set up their representative office in China.

                Copyright(c)S & J Technical and Commercial Affairs Co., Ltd.
                Address: Room 5J, No. 768 Xie Tu Road, Shanghai, China 200023
                Tel: 86 21 53022368
                Fax:86 21 53022366
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