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new standards for CQC certification [2019-07-17]
21 types of products require CCC certification [2019-07-10]
CCC certification is not required for Copy Machine [2018-12-05]
Standard update notice: GB/T17466.24-2017 [2018-02-05]
Implementing GB4660-2016 for CCC certification [2018-01-22]
new GB/T standards published [2017-08-16]
JIS Z3841 Examination [2017-07-27]
new GB standard for electric vehicle [2015-12-31]
update of standard GB6675 [2015-12-02]
Update of CCC standards (RCBO & RCCB) [2015-07-27]
Standard update for CQC certification [2015-05-07]
CQC certification for Car AV & Navigation System [2015-03-09]
new GB standards for electric vehicle [2015-02-16]
new GB standards for tyres [2015-02-16]
Update of CCC standards [2015-02-15]
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